Sunday, March 21, 2021

Retirement is not so retiring!

So, I attended two universities. When I was in high school my mother gave me an allowance, but I started making my own money then, too...first baby-sitting, then working at a neighborhood store as a stock girl. When I was seventeen  I applied for and was hired to work at a camp in the Poconos near East Stroudsburg, PA. I "went" to camp each summer until I graduated from Howard University...I started as a Counselor-in-Training and finally retired as the Arts and Crafts Director. I LOVED this job. Actually, I learned to love whatever job I had while I had it! Employers like it when their employees seem happy  and engaged. It was like a Jedi mind trick for me...I found that I did find much to love about every job I have had!

So, artist is my profession, but I have always had another job, too. In 2015 I decided it was time to quit the job I was performing at Chicago State University as a tenured professor of drawing and painting in the Department of Art and Design  and the Curator of the Galleries Program.
 Kathy Weaver, solo exhibition.
 Robert (Bobby) Sengstacke, left, me, right, his solo photography exhibition. Brent Jones, the university's photographer who I also ased to exhibit.
Sergio Gomez, left, Judithe Hernandez, right, 2009 postcard.

I have gotten a lot done since leaving, but I also get offered job , teaching classes, judging art competitions and public art submission...I enjoy it all. I especially enjoy doing my own work. There is ALWAYS something else to do as well...I guess that's life!

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