Wednesday, January 3, 2018

My Bucket List

So, I get nostalgic, every once-in-a-while...I look at my sons' baby photos and remember how sweet they were. Lucky for me they still are.

Although I think of the past, and have become curious about where folks are these days,  I mainly think of myself as pretty tough and pretty much in the moment. I have slowly learned what I will and will not put up with over the years. I have learned what I want out of this life. Have you?

I love lists, so I will make a list:

1. I want continued health for me and my husband
2. I want my sons to prosper
3. I want my family to be happy and healthy as long as possible.

4. I want to  produce art work every day.
5. I want more writers to examine my work
6. I want time and money to travel more
7. I want shows in museums and art centers of renown
8. I want climate change to be dealt with
9. I want peace on earth

The photo above shows my work in a New York private collection alongside a Richard Howard Hunt sculpture.  (Richard H. Hunt photo, 2017)